Progressive Video Development

For 30 years we have been producing videos for corporate America, traveling all over the world to do it. We have the know-how, equipment, and now the expanded 3000 sq. ft. studio space to create anything video.  We are your go-to people for  website videos, commercials, TV shows, live studio audience productions, music videos–even feature-length movies.  And our clients say we’re good at it!


At Urban Truth, we want you to be able to express yourself as much as possible. This is why we offer a few different options for your video needs. For only $599, your time in the spotlight will come!

Contact us today for your 30 seconds in the spotlight!


Your video project will be tailored to your specific budget.  High-end projects can be completed at $1000 per finished minute, while simpler projects can cost significantly less.  Give us a call so we can make your goals a reality.

Studio in a Box!

Great News! Now we can take our full production studio to you! We call it STUDIO IN A BOX.

In a short time we can convert your boardroom, ballroom, banquet room, backyard, basilica or wherever you happen to be, into a full HD or 4K production studio. We bring Hollywood to you, to capture your event in a real time live-switched environment that saves you the cost of post-production editing.  You can even chose to live-stream your event.

When the event is over we hand you a video file complete and ready for you to upload to your social media or burn to DVD.  Our STUDIO IN A BOX is capable of handling 6 cameras and is a great source for a big screen projection or overflow room.

Call me with any questions 480-779-8252