Urban Truth

Hollywood Without The Attitude!

Urban Truth has been producing videos for corporate America for 30 years and has traveled all over the world to do it. They have the know how, and the equipment to do just about anything video and from what past clients say they’re good at it!

Urban Truth produces TV shows, commercials, live events, music videos and promotions.

So if you need to communicate, promote, train or just entertain let’s talk.  We are Urban Truth, Hollywood without the attitude!

Randy Rohde

Randy established Urban Truth in 1994, and he has been producing videos ever since.  A second generation native of Arizona, Randy has traveled the world producing video for various clients.  His productions include promotional, motivational and training videos for Motorola in the United States and worldwide.  Randy has worked with Valley of the Sun United Way, City of Grace Church and Bridge Builders on many humanitarian projects.

His unique ability to unite the desires of the client with an intended audience has produced captivating videos ranging from intimate and traditional to wild and extreme.  Randy enjoys using media to evoke emotion or cause someone to take action.

Randy was Director of Photography for The Mis-Education of Joy, a Five Talent Films feature movie.  He is about Hollywood, without the attitude®.

In my youth I loved to create mini features with my parent’s 8-mm movie camera.  I cut the film with a razor blade and spliced together mini movies of my neighborhood friends.  From that moment on I knew this was my passion.  I learned all I could about cinematography, editing and the technology that is used to create movie magic.  I am extremely blessed to make a living doing what God has given me a passion to do.

When you combine good content with sight and sound you have a proven powerful tool to cause change.