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Urban Truth has been producing videos for corporate America for 30 years and has traveled all over the world to do it. They have the know how, and the equipment to do just about anything video and from what past clients say they’re good at it!

Urban Truth produces TV shows, commercials, live events, music videos and promotions.


At Urban Truth, we want you to be able to express yourself as much as possible. This is why we offer a few different options for your video needs. For only $599, your time in the spotlight will come!

Contact us today for your 30 seconds in the spotlight!

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Per finished minute video production prices range from $175 to $1500.00. Each video is unique and some are very complex while others are simple.

Most high-end projects will cost $1,200. per finished minute. This includes everything. Don’t let it concern you if you don’t have that budget. Let’s talk so I can get a better idea of what you want to accomplish with the video.

Here are some numbers that will help. Shooting a talking head for a web video might take 20 minutes while shooting a 30 second spot might take 6 hours. Of course live event videos take as long as the event plus set up and strike time.

Editing usually takes 3 hours per finished minute at the high end but again a few graphics and music on a 3 minute web video might take 20 minutes.

So as you can see it is very difficult to have a “One Price Fits All” rate.

Studio in a Box!

Great News! Many of you have come to know our 1800 sq. ft. facility complete with edit bay and luxurious studio space with green screen capabilities. Well… now we can take it on the road! In what we like to call… STUDIO IN A BOX !!!

In a short time we can convert your Boardroom, Ballroom, Banquet room, Backyard, Basilica or wherever you happen to be, into a full H.D. or 4K production studio. We bring… a piece of Hollywood to you, so your event can be captured in a real time live switched environment that eliminates editing production cost. When the event is over we hand you a video file complete and ready to upload to your social media..

The BOX is capable of handling 6 cameras and is a great source for a big screen projection or overflow room.

Call me with any questions 480-779-8252